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Infiltration Demonstration

This infiltration test was done in the spring of 2014 to observe how the O horizon soil resists going into suspension when flooded with water.


The terrarium was filled with soil in early October 2013, from an area of about 9% slope, with the soil being placed the best as possible to replicate the field area. The field has been in a no-till soybean strip-till corn rotation since 2000 with a tested organic matter increase of around 2%.


The A horizons on most our fields have generally doubled in depth since using this management system.  Cover crops growing in the field were transplanted back along with a dozen night crawler earthworms that actively worked to replace the bio-channels in the soil.


The terrarium was kept around 50 degrees in a heated garage through the winter. The visible changes to the soil during the winter were the worms feeding on dried hairy vetch that doubled the O horizon from 1 to over 2 inches and extended the A horizon a couple inches.   

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