SOM Generators

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The Concept

     The idea for a group like soil organic matter generators began in 2012 when we kept hearing different Government agency speakers complain that they didn't know why farmers would signup to do things like No-till farming but quit after a couple years. We knew because we had transitioned from a man-made tilth system to a Natural Tilth one years before and knew how difficult the process and the peer pressure was. Not just from fellow farmers but anyone who didn't understand why you were doing things different from what they saw others doing . In the United States most of the land has been tilled for 150 to 400 years all the while degrading the Carbon in the soil in effect practicing Degraculture not Agriculture. Reversing this practice is different and not often understood. Tillage has addicted our productive soils to the need for more tillage to provide the space in the soil for air and water. Nature once provided this space and will again when given a chance but needs a short time to transition. During this transition tilth will often suffer causing less production. To understand and get through this we felt producers needed a mentor who had themselves been through this and learned how to lessen the impact of transition.

     The benefits' of Soil Regeneration are HUGE, basically curing most environmental problems related to croplands. Getting everyone to understand that we can go beyond conservation to soil regeneration and helping mentor producers interested in doing this is our Mission.  


The Mission:  To Help Adaptors Succeed at Agronomic Practices That Create New Soil Organic Matter.

               It is the belief of this effort that the cure for soil environmental problems coming from crop lands is when crop residue and other organic material is allowed to break down naturally into Soil Organic Matter. this is accomplished by completing the decomposition process in an aerobic environment.  Many of the conservation practices in use today allow for much of the residue to be buried. This mixing of crop residue material into the soil causes it to mineralize.  Conservation practices of this type only slow or cover up soil problems rather than stop or reverse the degradation. The greatest soil erosion benefit comes from keeping the Soil Organic Matter near the surface and not mixing or diluting it with soil from deeper in the root zone. This high Organic matter horizon on the surface acts as a shield resisting suspension, and stopping rainwater runoff. With the creation of new humus aggregates begin to form and bind together creating Micro and Macro pores to hold Oxygen and water. Tunnels left by earth worms and decayed root channels create a respiratory system, for the transfer of air and water deep into the soil.  Under most tillage systems these soil aggregating components are destroyed leading to soil particles washing away with runoff. The key to Long term sustainability  of our soils is having bio-diverse healthy living soils. This requires farming practices which can generate  New Soil Organic Matter.